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I am finally getting around to write a post!  This week has been very, very busy.  I can’t believe it is already Sunday.  There is no time for anything !

Friday night was a lot of fun.  After teaching first grade, I picked up Christina at the train station.  I invited my parents over for dinner so Christina and I went to DiBruno Bros. to pick up some ingredients.  We bought some awesome cheese, my favorite being one called Primadonna.  We served this with grapes, crackers, red & white wine and some multi-grain bread.



For dinner, I made Filet Mignon, steamed Brussel Sprouts, and Sweet Potato gnocchi in a Brown Butter Sage Sauce.


haha the meat looks so tiny.  This was an awesome meal.



Lots more gnocchi was eaten!  DiBruno Bros. makes homemade sweet potato gnocchi, so that is what I used.  I made my own sauce for this…which was real easy!


I was SO stuffed after this meal.  SO filling but so good!

I was so happy that my parents came over.  We had a great time.  They even brought my dog, Andie!

Saturday morning was a big day for Christina and I…and the reason she came home for the night!  We had our 20 mile run.  Saturday was the peak of our training and we taper from here on out!  I was pretty nervous about this run.  My runs had not been so stellar since I had been real sick about a week ago.  My 19 miler while I was sick wasn’t really a run to remember either.  But towards the end of this week, I began to feel much better & I have been coughing much less.  During the run, it pretty much rained the entire time.  It wasn’t a hard rain though, so it wasn’t too bad–actually pretty refreshing.  The temperature was pretty warm too.  Our 20 miler was awesome.  I really had so much fun running.  During the last mile of my run, the song 99 Red Balloons came on my ipod.  I don’t know what it was but this song just pumped me up and I felt really good!  I think I actually sang out loud when no one was around.  We did it and we both had great runs.  Not quite positive, but I believe our average pace was around an 8:15.

After grabbing snacks and candy (It was HALLOWEEN!), showering, and all of that, we went out to a restaurant down the street called Parc. I had never been there before, but I walk by it everyday on my way home from school.  I always eye up the delicious looking bread basket as I walk by…


It was DELICIOUS!  I especially loved the Raisin Walnut Bread.

We shared the Yogurt Parfait….


Really good fruit, yogurt, and granola.

We both ordered the Oatmeal Brulee


One word…DELICIOUS.  I tried to eat this slow to savour the deliciousness.  I didn’t want the bowl to end.  The top was crispy & caramelized just like creme brulee.  The raisins were so plump!  We said how it reminded us of our Mom-Mom’s Rice Pudding.  I DEFINITELY need to attempt to recreate this.  I have some ideas of how to in my mind already.

Last night, I met up with Todd and Kevan to watch the Phillies game at a bar down the street from Todd’s house.  Unfortunately, the Phillies lost.  They play again tonight, so we shall see what happens.  I did order a great meal there though….Grilled Apple Cider Pork Loin, with Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Mash, & Green Beans.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture!

I have a busy day of paper writing.  I have a pretty big paper due tomorrow and I haven’t started…oops!

I think I am on candy overload…I just keep going back to the candy bowl!  It’s a good way to distract me from doing work.

Back to eating candy and writing papers! Adios.

p.s. my legs are killin’ me today!


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Video Tour.

Okay…I am really, really sorry for being a huge slacker! I have been a very busy girl. Friday night I went out to eat with my parents to a great Italian Restaurant. I had some delicious Butternut Squash Soup, Bread, Salad, Wine, Linguine with Crab Meat, and Vanilla Gelato with Berries. UNFORTUNATELY, I left my camera at my parents house…so those pictures are unavailable at the moment. Perhaps I will load them later.

It was late when we finished dinner so I decided to sleep over my parents house.  Saturday morning I was supposed to run my 18 miler but I didn’t have my running shoes.  So instead I spent half of the day with my mom & then went back home to work on tons of work/papers.

TODAY I did my long run.  18 miles.  Every mile  you add on really does make a difference.  I felt GREAT though.  Although my overall split was slower than last weeks 17 miler, I feel like I paced myself much better and I definitely felt more energized.


Mile 1: 8:00

Mile 2: 8:00

Mile 3: 8:05

Mile 4: 8:09

Mile 5: 8:08

Mile 6: 8:09

Mile 7: 8:15

Mile 8: 8:09

Mile 9: 8:11

Mile 10: 8:04

Mile 11: 8:04

Mile 12: 8:03

Mile 13: 8:05

Mile 14: 8:04

Mile 15: 8:05

Mile 16: 7:59

Mile 17: 7:47

Mile 18: 8:05

So I was pretty happy with my splits today.  The weather was also beautiful.  I need to start hiding some gatorade/water somewhere along my runs because I could have definitely used some water at times during my run.  I wasn’t able to get to a water fountain until mile 14 which was kind of a bummer since I usually like to take my sport beans earlier on in the run.

Now I am eating food & getting ready to go visit my Grandmom for a little…but then it’s time to get down to work.  Have lots of reading and writing to do today.

Weekends need to be just ONE day longer!  Enjoy your Sunday!

Oh yea…since I don’t have any pictures for you, I DO have a video that I filmed a while back giving a tour of my apartment.  haha…I am a huge loser, so don’t make fun of me!  Enjoy… (I fixed the link, thanks Kristin!) 🙂

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HELLO!  It’s been a few days.  I’ve been really busy and had no time to update the blog.  I think it’s going to become a little bit harder to update as frequently because I’m going to be very busy with school & everything else.  But I’ll try!

Lots of good food has been consumed over this past weekend.

Friday night & met Todd for gelato at Capogiro!  So good.  Here I am enjoying Cappuccino & Fior Di Latte (Milk gelato).


It’s really good.  I love getting this combination of flavors.

Saturday morning, I ran my long run…17 miles.  I thought about it and I haven’t ran this far since the marathon last November.  Crazy.  My run went great though.  There were so many runners & bikers out in the morning so it was cool getting to run around with everyone.  There were points in the run where I was definitely feeling pretty tired, but I was able to power through and motivate myself.  Overall, great run.  I averaged around a 7:50/mile pace which I’m so happy about.

After the run, my legs were feeling pretty tired and so was my body.  After eating & doing work, I ended up snoozin’ for a couple of hours.  It felt great to get some rest.

Saturday was my parents 29th Anniversary & they invited me along to share in their celebration.  haha.  How nice.  We went to a really nice restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel called The Fountain.

Here are my parents when we first sat down at the table.


I started off with a glass of red wine and then we later ordered a bottle of white wine that I had some of too.

A server came around with a basket of assorted breads and we had our pick of which one we wanted.  I chose the Multigrain Roll.


Really good.  When he came around again, I tried out a crisper flat bread type thing.  Also very good.

This restaurant was neat because in between different parts of our meal they had a special complimentary small bite from the chef.  The first thing they brought out was a crab salad on a crispy baguette.


This was so good!  I love crab and there was a piece of cilantro on it that made it very flavorful.

To start off my meal, I ordered a salad with a shallot vinaigrette dressing.


Although this looks really plain, the dressing was great and I loved this.  My parents both ordered the Lobster Bisque.


They both LOVED this soup!

For my entree, I ordered a white flaky fish in which I never heard of, Atlantic Dorade.

DSCN1729This came with delicious Heirloom Tomatoes and about 4 Gnocchis (haha).  So good though!  Loved this meal.

My parents were on a Lobster kick and ordered the same entree too!!


This was poached Lobster with Fava Beans & Beets.  Do you see that round thing in the middle of the plate?  Well, I’m not quite sure what that was but I know it involved some Truffled Potatoes.  It appeared to be breaded on the outside.  I don’t know what it was, but let me tell you, it was AWESOME.  My mom was full so I ate half of hers and helped her finish off her Lobstah!  SO GOOD!!!

Now, it’s dessert time.  Before our dessert came out, we got another complimentary dish from the chef.

DSCN1733This.was.amazing.  I wish I could eat this everyday.  It was some sort of Espresso mousse/pudding?  Not quite sure. Topped with Whipped Cream & what I thought was an M&M type thing until I ate it.  It turned out to be a chocolate covered espresso bean…makes sense right?  I never had one of these but it was pretty good. It was kind of strong so I definitely wouldn’t be snacking on these by the handful.  I hate coffee too.  I finished off mine and then helped my mom with hers.  haha.

For REAL dessert, I ordered homemade Blueberry Yogurt & Vanilla Ice Cream topped with berries & a sugar cookie.


This was the best!  haha I think I loved everything tonight.  The blueberry yogurt was definitely my favorite part of this dessert.  It was so fresh and flavorful, tasted just like blueberries.

On the menu, they had Sweet Corn Ice Cream.  Sounds weird and gross right?  Well we were talking to the waiter about it and he said that we would be really surprised so he brought us out some samples.  Let me tell you, it works!  It was the strangest thing in the world but I think I enjoyed it?  I probably wouldn’t want a huge bowl of it but it was surprisingly good!

Think our dinner was over?  Think again.  MORE FOOD!  They brought us over a tray of chocolates/candies.

DSCN1737We had already eaten some of them.  There was Chocolate Coconut things that I didn’t eat because I don’t like coconut.  Then there was these Peach Jelly things which were awesome and dark chocolate truffles which were also great!

We had a great time and enjoyed some excellent food.  After dinner, my parents dropped me off to meet up with a bunch of my friends at a bar near my apartment.  I spent a couple of hours there & then I headed back home because I was so tired.

Today I went with Todd to the Eagles Game! (I hope that’s green, I’m color blind if you didn’t know haha)  It was a great game and the rain held off on us.  Most importantly, the Eagles dominated!  We had such a fun time.  We had club box seats and they had some pretty cool food.  I got some chicken quesadillas with guacamole & chips.  They weren’t too bad.

Tonight I went to Whole Foods to pick up a few things I needed and I also had dinner there with Todd.  I had a bowl of Minestrone Soup with a Prairie Roll.


Yum!  This was perfect.  For dessert, I got a bowl of Vegan Rice Pudding with Raisins.  I’m sorry to say that I did not take a picture.  It was very, very good though! 🙂

I have a busy week ahead of me and I still have some things to do tonight so I’m going to get some things done.  I wish we still had another day of the weekend.  Two days is just too short!

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Today I spent a lot of time reading for school.  Really, not too fun.  Fun came at around lunch time.

I wasn’t too hungry since I’d been snacking on grapes all morning.  I had a bowl of Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt with a HUGE chopped Honey Crisp Apple, Cinnamon, Kashi GoLean, & some Raisins.


I had the rest of the Apple with cinnamon and Naturally More Peanut Butter.

I also had some unpictured Kashi Crackers with Bobbi’s TexMex Hummus.

After doing MORE work, I decided to do my 4 miler on the treadmill.  My foot felt so-so.  However, when I was walking around later, I had pain on the outer edge of my foot.  After my night class tonight, I felt no pain–except for a tiny bit of pain more closer to my ankle/inside of foot.  What the heck is the deal with my left foot??  I wish I knew.  It’s really, really frustrating.  The pain only comes when I am walking–when I am sitting or if I mangle my foot in everyway possible, I feel no pain.  I just got up right now to walk around and I did not really experience too much pain at all.  Just slight.

Anyway, class was pretty good tonight.  I just got a ton more work to do.  I’ll be starting a couple different field works soon in the 1st grade and in 12th grade honors english/regular english/film classes. Should be interesting.  I feel like I may die thinking about the amount of work I’ll be doing.  Never ending.

I came home and made myself a good, quick dinner.  I defrosted a Black Bean Burger, sauteed carrots/string beans/garlic/evoo, and had a piece of corn.


This was actually a great dinner.  I loved it.

After I ate, I made my sister what I had last night–Chicken with Mozzarella and Tomato.  She is busy and doesn’t really like to cook so I thought I would be nice!

I just enjoyed some Green Tea & a Banana with Naturally More PB.  So good!  Now I’m off to get more reading done!!

Have a great night!

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Well, it’s already Monday morning.  Bring on another week!

Yesterday morning I went to Bikram Yoga with my sister.  It was a great class and just what I needed on a Sunday morning.

Yesterday afternoon I headed home because there were a few things I needed to pick up.  On the way home, I stopped at my favorite place for my favorite smoothie…The Chilly Palmer!

Acai Berries, Apple, Banana, Yogurt, & Flax Seed.

Acai Berries, Apple, Banana, Yogurt, & Flax Seed.

While I was home my sister and I went to visit my Grandmom at the hospital.  We sat and watched the end of the Eagles game with her…which by the way, they won!  My grandmom seems to be doing okay.  She does not look as good as when I saw her last though.  She was kind of confused yesterday and was very tired.  It’s really sad to see her in that state.

Last night, my sister and I spent the night at Wegman’s reading/eating/shopping.  I guess it is kind of weird that we spent the night in a Supermarket…haha.  But, if you have never been to one, Wegman’s is huge and they have a huge area to sit & eat.  Lots of people eat lunch/dinner or even breakfast here.

I made myself a huge salad it had Baby Spinach, some croutons, feta cheese, strawberries, pineapple, sunflower seeds, tortellini, walnuts, craisins, & this white bean salad thing.


Along with this I had a wheat roll.  I was STUFFED.  But this did not stop me from filling a bag of candy from the bulk section!

This morning I woke up at 8 and it looks like a beautiful day outside.  I made myself a yogurt bowl.  I ended up using a LOT of Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt.  I guess I underestimated how much was left in the container.  I mixed it with a chopped Honey Crisp Apple,  Kashi GoLean, & Cinnamon.


I can’t tell you how excited I was to cut into that Honey Crisp Apple.  I actually bought a ton of them yesterday both from Wegman’s and a Farmer’s Market.  These things are HUGE.  Definitely the biggest apple that I have ever seen and I have seen some big apples!  These also happen to be my favorite apples and they are only around during the Fall Season!  You have to keep an eye out for them next time you’re shopping, you’ll thank me!


So anyway, my yogurt bowl FILLED ME UP.  I guess it didn’t help that I had a ton of grapes with it.

It was delicious & I really enjoyed the Honey Crisp Apple!!!!

I am just taking some time to update the blog as I sip on my Green Tea.  In a little bit I’m going to get down to business with some reading until class at 4:30.

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Happy Friday everyone!  Today is even more special because it is 9/11.

So far I have had 2 out of my 4 classes and I already feel as if I’m not going to have enough time to do all of the reading that is required.  It is actually quite ridiculous.  I probably won’t have a life.  But I do enjoy the subject matter so it won’t be TOO terrible!

After class, I came home & made dinner for my sister and I.  Tonight I made us Turkey Burgers, Corn on the Cob, Sauteed string beans, carrots, & garlic.


It looks like there are hardly any string beans and carrots because I was eating them as I was cooking the rest of the food.  So when it was time to put them on my plate, there was a little problem!  Also, this corn was SO good!  It is either from NY or NJ and I bought it from Whole Foods.  Thankfully, I have 3 more pieces in the fridge!


Really good Turkey Burger.  I ended up topping some of it with Ketchup and some of it with Tex-Mex Hummus.  Loved it!

After dinner, I had some more Newman’s Own Organics Dark Chocolate & I also tried out ANOTHER Newman’s Own Organics product…Cinnamon Hermits made with Newman’s Own Organics Raisins and Organic Molasses.  I had very high expectations for these.


They lived up to their expectations.  The only thing that I wish would be that they were a TAD bit bigger.  But I’m not complaining because they were still veryyyy tasty!  I had the Cinnamon flavor but they also come in Original and Ginger.  If you have never tried these out before, I would definitely give them a try.  The ingredients list is nice and short too: Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour, Organic Raisins, Organic Molasses, Organic Sugar, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Oats, Organic Figs, Raisin Paste, Cinnamon and other Spices, Leavening (Baking Soda, Monocalcium Phosphate), Salt, Rice Bran Extract.

So you can feel pretty good about eating these!

I spent a lot of time last night trying to keep up with some reading and other assignments & I decided to call it a night around midnight.

This morning I woke up to very dreary, cold, and wet weather.  It would have been a perfect day for hot oatmeal, but I already had a bowl of overnight oats waiting for me.  Oh well!


This concoction was of course, my favorite one… Banana-Date Overnight Oats with Flax!


It was so creamy and delicious!  Along with the overnight oats, I had a cup of Green Tea and a Gala Apple with Cinnamon.

Now I am just relaxing, catching up on the blog, & watching Regis & Kelly.  When I’m finished here, I’m going to clean up the kitchen and get down to work with reading if I don’t fall asleep!

Later on I plan to make some split pea soup, veggie black bean chili, and maybe some black bean burgers that I can freeze for some quick dinners!  I also plan to go to the gym at some point today to run 4 miles.  But first I must get a good chunk of reading done.  That just reminded me…yesterday when I was running, some lady was running while reading the newspaper.  Yes, you read it correctly.  Weird huh?  Real safe too.

I will catch ya all later! 😛

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Tonight when I was finished with classes, I was exhausted.  So instead of running, guess what I did?  I ate.  I met my sister for dinner at a place called La Viola’s.  I ordered a mixed greens salad in a Balsamic Vinaigrette so start.  I actually shared that with my sister.  For my entree, I ordered the Farfalle Marinara bow tie pasta with shrimp in a pomodoro sauce.


The funny thing is, I don’t really like shrimp.  But I was really craving a simple pasta dish and this was the simplest on the menu.  So I topped it with some parm and ate most of the shrimp.  I don’t know, it’s just something about the texture and even the taste about shrimp that I just don’t like!  I’m weird.  Along with our entrees, my sister and I downed 2 loaves of Italian Bread.  hahaha I guess we were hungry.

I was chilly when I walked in the door so I made some hot tea to warm up!  Along with that, I opened up one of my Newman’s Own Organics Products!


Yum.  Dark Chocolate!!  Love it!  I snapped off two squares which are pretty decently sized and ate it along with my tea.  I really enjoyed this chocolate.  If you are not a huge dark chocolate fan, this bar is for you!  I used to HATE dark chocolate but over the past couple of years I have found a love for it.  This bar had the perfect balance and was not too intense.  I’m excited to eat the rest of it!

Since I did not get my run in today, I will be doing 7 miles tomorrow, 4 on Friday, and 15 miles on Saturday!  I also want to prepare something before I go to class tomorrow so I can have an easy dinner when I get home!  I was planning on making spaghetti & meatballs but I just had pasta tonight.  Any ideas?!?!

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