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Well my weekend was filled with fun…particularly today!

Saturday morning, I woke up and went for a run on the treadmill since it was raining outside and I am sick.  I wanted to run between 5-8 miles; however, it was pretty tough for me to run 5 miles.  So obviously, I stopped there.  These were some slowwww miles.  But at least I got myself moving again after being sick this week.  I came back to some delicious breakfast.


Oats with milk, raisins, dates, bananas, cinnamon, and honey.  So delicious.

I spent the rest of the day reading.  It was so hard to read though because I kept getting headaches.  Boo to being sick.

Later in the night, Todd called me up and we decided to get dinner at a small Italian restaurant in the city called Porcini’s.  I had been there before, but it has been a few years.

Todd & I polished off a couple of baskets of bread, per usual.  I started off with a grilled squid and octopus dish in a lemon vinaigrette.


Was okay.  I thought there was way too much dressing on this.  I would have preferred just fresh lemon juice.

For my entree, I really wanted their homemade Spinach Tagliatelle with Jumbo Lump Crab Meat, but I had both nights prior to Saturday night, so I decided that I should probably switch it up.  Instead, I went with the Balsamic Chicken.


I thought that this was okay too.  Nothing to write home about.  The potatoes were actually really, really good.  Too bad there were only a few!

Todd & I shared Tiramisu for dessert…one of my favorites.  This was pretty good!  I loveeeee Tiramisu.

SUNDAY was the best day of my weekend.  I woke up and went out for my long run.  I was thinking that I’d be happy if I completed 8 miles considering the way I’ve been feeling…although I really wanted to run more like 12-13.  On my way out the door, Todd told me to just do my best and go for it even if I have to walk it.  Well he might not even remember saying that because he was half asleep, but it really helped me and encouraged me to go out with a bang.  I ended up running 12 miles.  Although they were not the fastest miles ever, I ran them.  It was also SO BEAUTIFUL outside.  A perfect fall day.  I’m praying that I recover this week for the big TWENTY next weekend!!!!  Can you believe it??? Then it’s already Taper Time.  This is Crazy.

Todd took me out to brunch this morning at a place that he passes on his way to work.  A friend of his recommended Todd to take me there.  It was called Terrain at Styer’s.  Their menu constantly changes so the menu on the website is different than what they had when we went.  This place was so neat.  It was a big place with lots of different plants, flowers, pumpkins, fruits, books, cookbooks, soaps, candles, EVERYTHING.  Really cool place.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was pretty cool too.  The ground was dirt and it was located in a neat little Greenhouse.




Hi Todd…


The brunch menu was pretty small and had only 4 items.  However, the lunch menu contained many more items.  I was in the mood for breakfast though & so was Todd.

I started off with a glass of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and Todd ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte (or something along those lines).


I love fresh squeeze o.j.!  I also ordered a cup of Green Tea.


For my meal, I ordered the Oatmeal with Pears & Maple Syrup.


I thought that this was really good.  Although it did not taste like typical oatmeal, nor was it the consistency of regular oats.  I’m thinking there were some egg in there or something?  It was rather custardy I think.  There was also a TON of maple syrup.  I loved the maple syrup in there but I think there may have been just a little too much.

Todd ordered the Pumpkin French Toast.


Todd’s was SO GOOD!  I think I may have liked it more than mine.  It was made with Callah Bread.  It was so light and fluffy and pumpkiny.  Really, really incredible.

We obviously hated our meals…



I loved this little place and definitely want to go back soon.

The area we were in was very nice as well.  Todd decided to show me where he works since I had never been there.  For those of you who don’t know, Todd works for a Mushroom Company called To-Jo Mushrooms.  He has lots of responsibilities but is mainly works in Marketing and Sales.  He loves his job and I can see why.

Todd showed me his office…


The test kitchen…( I would have a ball in here)….



We walked through the Mushrooom Factory (I guess that’s what it’s called) too!




There were SO MANY mushrooms!  They looked really good too.

It was freezing in there and I had to wear a hair net.  haha.  I was surprised about how big the place was.  I was also surprised to see so much work being done on a Sunday.

Here are some To-Jo Trucks!


hahaha I loved going for a little tour.

After that adventure, we went Apple Picking.  I guess we waited too long or something because I was very unsuccessful….


Todd tried really hard, so he was a little more successful…


We both ended up filling up our bags with Apples from the bin that they had provided.  I guess they realized that they would not have many happy customers since their trees were way overpicked.  What a bummer.


It was still fun to spend some time outside though.  And we got to go on a little ride on a tractor.  We also saw goats!


My favorite goat… hahah…


We ended our fun-filled Sunday at the Flyers game.  They lost.  They played horrible.  But we still had fun!  This was my first game of the season so I really enjoyed being there.  We shared a big order of Chickie’s and Pete’s French Fries.  These are the best!  They load them with Old Bay Seasoning and have cheese to dip them in.  Love them.  I also got a soft pretzel.  Love them too.

My cold is still bothering me a lot.  It’s really giving me a headache.  I need to get better!!

I have a VERY long week ahead.  I will be working everyday all-day in the classroom and then I will have class every night until late.  That and a LOT of homework to be done.  I can get through it!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


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I just need to update this post because so much has happened since the last time I updated.  This weekend I went to Boston with both of my sisters and my sister’s crew team for The Head of the Charles–a huge crew regatta.  The night before Boston, I made Whole Wheat Linguine in my homemade sauce with broccoli, spinach, and good bread.


Yum.  Definitely one of my favorite meals.


 This was my first time to Boston, and although short, I had a great time.  My sister & I took the train and arrived to Boston Friday night.  We grabbed dinner at a restaurant downtown.  No pictures but I ordered Salmon, spinach, and a baked potato.  My sister and I also had a loaf of bread!

Saturday morning, I woke up sick!  I think Christina got me sick.  I have a horrible cold and my throat is sore.  Blah, being sick stinks.  But, anyway, my sister and I went on our 19 mile run.  Longest since the marathon last year.  We were thrilled that the sun was out–we were expecting a down pour.  It was a great run, but at about mile 14 we both were pretty beat.  Being sick is not good for running long distances.  We managed to pull through and finish the 19 miles.  At one point Christina said, let’s just call it a day.  This was around mile 17.  What do you think I told her?  That’s right.  We finished those 19 miles.  She was happy that we did.

Oh yeah, how could I forget??  Along our run we ran by tons of Vendors by the race course for the regatta including a LARABAR tent!!!  Free mini-lara bars for all!  Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Cashew Cookie, Tropical, PB & J, and Coconut.  THEY HAD PB & J!  My favorite!!!!!!  So, naturally, I loaded a bag up despite the 2 per person limit.  Oh the little things in life.  So we ran the last 6 miles with bags of lara bars.  haha.

After our run, we went out to this great little restaurant, The Friendly Toast.  I would describe this restaurant as retro.  They also gave us so much food.  Thankfully, we were hungry after just running 19 miles.  I ordered an Egg White Omelette with Tomatoes, Broccoli, and Spinach with a MOUND of Homefries.  This also came with a side of Whole Wheat Toast.


The toast was homemade and very THICKLY sliced.


I also ordered a fruit salad with some sort of granola/nut mixture on top!

and a cup of Tea!


Perfect Post-Race meal.

We then spent some time shopping around before we went back to the hotel to take a short nap before meeting two of our friends, Katie & Lindsey,  for dinner in Harvard Square.

We went to Cambridge 1.

Their menu was very short and consisted of salads, pizza, beer, and wine.  So, I ordered one of my favorite meals…PIZZA!

I was pretty plain and simple tonight and ordered a pizza with tomato, fontina, romano, garlic, and basil


This was actually quite delicious!  I love pizza like this.  Very, very good. 

After dinner, we went to J.P. Lick’s!  I have always read about this place and now I can finally and happily say that I have been there! 



I ordered Hard Frozen Yogurt–a scoop each of Chocolate Chip Cookie & Coffee Oreo.

I was in heaven and desperately wanted another cup of the Coffee Oreo.  That was my favorite and there were huge chunks of oreo.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Sunday we spent the day with the team for their race.  It POURED so unfortunately it was not very pleasant!  It actually even started to snow…very hard too.  We had a long ride home on the bus, and stopped at a few rest areas.  We got home around 10:00.  I turned on the Phillies game & did some laundry & reading before hitting the sack.  By the way, the Phillies had an AMAZING win last night.  Both my Dad and Todd were at the game (not together).  Lucky Ducks.

I woke up today feeling really crappy.  I really despise being sick.  I made myself a juice.  Forgot to take a picture but it consisted of CARROTS, APPLES, KIWI, & ROMAINE.  Delicious!  I love juice.

I also had an awesome bowl of Hot Oats made with Vanilla Almond Milk, Raisins, Dates, Bananas, Cinnamon, & Honey.

I spent the majority of the day writing papers and reading.  Real exciting stuff.  After class, I came home & had dinner and ice cream with the fam.  The phillies are on right now, so I’m going to go watch that with my Dad and Todd. 

Tomorrow is my Grandmom’s funeral.  I know I haven’t mentioned it on my blog yet, but my Grandmother passed away last Thursday night.  It has been really hard on my family as my Grandmom played a huge role in my life.  I have never lost anyone that has been this close to me.  I will not go into a whole speech here, but I just wanted to mention something.  It is impossible to stop thinking about her.  I will miss her so, so much.  Unfortunatley her health was rather poor, so I am trying to think about this situation in a positive manner.  I am glad that I do not have to see her suffering in the hospital bed anymore.  Well, I said I wasn’t going to make a whole speech here, so I better wrap it up.  I will love her forever with all of my heart.  She was such a strong lady and I look up to her so much.  She will be with me wherever I go in life.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week.  I’m glad that the sun has finally come out.

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Video Tour.

Okay…I am really, really sorry for being a huge slacker! I have been a very busy girl. Friday night I went out to eat with my parents to a great Italian Restaurant. I had some delicious Butternut Squash Soup, Bread, Salad, Wine, Linguine with Crab Meat, and Vanilla Gelato with Berries. UNFORTUNATELY, I left my camera at my parents house…so those pictures are unavailable at the moment. Perhaps I will load them later.

It was late when we finished dinner so I decided to sleep over my parents house.  Saturday morning I was supposed to run my 18 miler but I didn’t have my running shoes.  So instead I spent half of the day with my mom & then went back home to work on tons of work/papers.

TODAY I did my long run.  18 miles.  Every mile  you add on really does make a difference.  I felt GREAT though.  Although my overall split was slower than last weeks 17 miler, I feel like I paced myself much better and I definitely felt more energized.


Mile 1: 8:00

Mile 2: 8:00

Mile 3: 8:05

Mile 4: 8:09

Mile 5: 8:08

Mile 6: 8:09

Mile 7: 8:15

Mile 8: 8:09

Mile 9: 8:11

Mile 10: 8:04

Mile 11: 8:04

Mile 12: 8:03

Mile 13: 8:05

Mile 14: 8:04

Mile 15: 8:05

Mile 16: 7:59

Mile 17: 7:47

Mile 18: 8:05

So I was pretty happy with my splits today.  The weather was also beautiful.  I need to start hiding some gatorade/water somewhere along my runs because I could have definitely used some water at times during my run.  I wasn’t able to get to a water fountain until mile 14 which was kind of a bummer since I usually like to take my sport beans earlier on in the run.

Now I am eating food & getting ready to go visit my Grandmom for a little…but then it’s time to get down to work.  Have lots of reading and writing to do today.

Weekends need to be just ONE day longer!  Enjoy your Sunday!

Oh yea…since I don’t have any pictures for you, I DO have a video that I filmed a while back giving a tour of my apartment.  haha…I am a huge loser, so don’t make fun of me!  Enjoy… (I fixed the link, thanks Kristin!) 🙂

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HELLO!  It’s been a few days.  I’ve been really busy and had no time to update the blog.  I think it’s going to become a little bit harder to update as frequently because I’m going to be very busy with school & everything else.  But I’ll try!

Lots of good food has been consumed over this past weekend.

Friday night & met Todd for gelato at Capogiro!  So good.  Here I am enjoying Cappuccino & Fior Di Latte (Milk gelato).


It’s really good.  I love getting this combination of flavors.

Saturday morning, I ran my long run…17 miles.  I thought about it and I haven’t ran this far since the marathon last November.  Crazy.  My run went great though.  There were so many runners & bikers out in the morning so it was cool getting to run around with everyone.  There were points in the run where I was definitely feeling pretty tired, but I was able to power through and motivate myself.  Overall, great run.  I averaged around a 7:50/mile pace which I’m so happy about.

After the run, my legs were feeling pretty tired and so was my body.  After eating & doing work, I ended up snoozin’ for a couple of hours.  It felt great to get some rest.

Saturday was my parents 29th Anniversary & they invited me along to share in their celebration.  haha.  How nice.  We went to a really nice restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel called The Fountain.

Here are my parents when we first sat down at the table.


I started off with a glass of red wine and then we later ordered a bottle of white wine that I had some of too.

A server came around with a basket of assorted breads and we had our pick of which one we wanted.  I chose the Multigrain Roll.


Really good.  When he came around again, I tried out a crisper flat bread type thing.  Also very good.

This restaurant was neat because in between different parts of our meal they had a special complimentary small bite from the chef.  The first thing they brought out was a crab salad on a crispy baguette.


This was so good!  I love crab and there was a piece of cilantro on it that made it very flavorful.

To start off my meal, I ordered a salad with a shallot vinaigrette dressing.


Although this looks really plain, the dressing was great and I loved this.  My parents both ordered the Lobster Bisque.


They both LOVED this soup!

For my entree, I ordered a white flaky fish in which I never heard of, Atlantic Dorade.

DSCN1729This came with delicious Heirloom Tomatoes and about 4 Gnocchis (haha).  So good though!  Loved this meal.

My parents were on a Lobster kick and ordered the same entree too!!


This was poached Lobster with Fava Beans & Beets.  Do you see that round thing in the middle of the plate?  Well, I’m not quite sure what that was but I know it involved some Truffled Potatoes.  It appeared to be breaded on the outside.  I don’t know what it was, but let me tell you, it was AWESOME.  My mom was full so I ate half of hers and helped her finish off her Lobstah!  SO GOOD!!!

Now, it’s dessert time.  Before our dessert came out, we got another complimentary dish from the chef.

DSCN1733This.was.amazing.  I wish I could eat this everyday.  It was some sort of Espresso mousse/pudding?  Not quite sure. Topped with Whipped Cream & what I thought was an M&M type thing until I ate it.  It turned out to be a chocolate covered espresso bean…makes sense right?  I never had one of these but it was pretty good. It was kind of strong so I definitely wouldn’t be snacking on these by the handful.  I hate coffee too.  I finished off mine and then helped my mom with hers.  haha.

For REAL dessert, I ordered homemade Blueberry Yogurt & Vanilla Ice Cream topped with berries & a sugar cookie.


This was the best!  haha I think I loved everything tonight.  The blueberry yogurt was definitely my favorite part of this dessert.  It was so fresh and flavorful, tasted just like blueberries.

On the menu, they had Sweet Corn Ice Cream.  Sounds weird and gross right?  Well we were talking to the waiter about it and he said that we would be really surprised so he brought us out some samples.  Let me tell you, it works!  It was the strangest thing in the world but I think I enjoyed it?  I probably wouldn’t want a huge bowl of it but it was surprisingly good!

Think our dinner was over?  Think again.  MORE FOOD!  They brought us over a tray of chocolates/candies.

DSCN1737We had already eaten some of them.  There was Chocolate Coconut things that I didn’t eat because I don’t like coconut.  Then there was these Peach Jelly things which were awesome and dark chocolate truffles which were also great!

We had a great time and enjoyed some excellent food.  After dinner, my parents dropped me off to meet up with a bunch of my friends at a bar near my apartment.  I spent a couple of hours there & then I headed back home because I was so tired.

Today I went with Todd to the Eagles Game! (I hope that’s green, I’m color blind if you didn’t know haha)  It was a great game and the rain held off on us.  Most importantly, the Eagles dominated!  We had such a fun time.  We had club box seats and they had some pretty cool food.  I got some chicken quesadillas with guacamole & chips.  They weren’t too bad.

Tonight I went to Whole Foods to pick up a few things I needed and I also had dinner there with Todd.  I had a bowl of Minestrone Soup with a Prairie Roll.


Yum!  This was perfect.  For dessert, I got a bowl of Vegan Rice Pudding with Raisins.  I’m sorry to say that I did not take a picture.  It was very, very good though! 🙂

I have a busy week ahead of me and I still have some things to do tonight so I’m going to get some things done.  I wish we still had another day of the weekend.  Two days is just too short!

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Alright, well there was really no time for updates this weekend because my sister came to visit me.  I know she updated her blog, but I’m just not that good.  haha.

The four words of my post title sum up my run on Saturday morning.  I was able to run with my sister again since she was home for the weekend.  My training schedule called was a cut back week and called for 11 miles; however, Tina’s called for 10 miles.  So we decided on a nice 10 miler.  Before the run, I split a Cinnamon Roll Larabar with my sister.  It was great weather & I was so happy to be running with Tina again.  However, as I set off on my run, my Garmin decided to go through the same issues again and did not start right away.  Maybe I should inquire about that!  Then I was having ipod issues.  I finally got that to start.  But towards the end of the run it kept turning on and off and eventually died.  Not only was the power on my electronics poor, so was my power.  I just never got in to this run.  It was okay…just not an unbelievable run.  We ended up pacing a 7:59, which I’m satisfied with.  My foot also caused some issues…I decided to run through it because the pain was not nearly as severe as it had been.  Hopefully I can figure out those issues with my foot.  Haha this was actually a quite interesting run today, and I was thankful that there was a port-a-potty on our route.

Afterwards, we walked to a nearby fruit/veggie market to pick up some spinach & green & black grapes.  On our walk back we pretty much had demolished most of the grapes we bought.  We then came back to the apartment and made ourselves some Green Monsters.

We ended up walking around and doing a little shopping.  We stopped to snack on some Philly Soft Pretzels.


That is me.  Thanks for the picture Ti…haha.

Afterwards, we went with Todd to visit my Grandmom.

Saturday night I went out to eat with my family & Todd to an Italian restaurant, Maggiano’s.  It was okay, nothing stellar.  But it was a great time.  We ordered a bunch of appetizers.  I really liked the Caprese Salad…Mozzarella Cheese, Tomatoes, Basil, with a Balsamic drizzle.  I also ate loads of delicious bread with olive oil.  For my entree, I ordered Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Broccoli and Spinach.


This was pretty good but I wish that there were more veggies in there.

Sunday morning, my sister and I met my Mom for breakfast at a diner.  The diner is actually called Ponzio’s Diner (Ponzio is our last name).  It’s an awesome diner, but unfortunately, we don’t own it.  haha.  I ordered a bowl of Oatmeal with sliced bananas and raisins.  I also had some whole wheat toast a not so great fruit salad.


After breakfast, I went food shopping with my sister to get some food for the week.  I was telling Tina about the size of the Honey Crisp apples that I have been eating.  She was in shock when she actually saw how big they were.


haha, I wish you could see how big they actually are.  I love them.  Best Apples Ever.

We then came home and watched the Eagles lose before I had to take Tina to the train station to go back to Loyola.  I’m so glad that she came home for the weekend.  I just wish she lived in Philly with me tooooooo.  I need to plan a time to go visit her in Baltimore.

After I dropped her off, I decided to head home to my parents house since my other sister was on-call at the hospital and I would have been all alone.  I also needed a printer because I was working on my first paper for the semester.  So I went home and worked for a while on that.  I took a break to get dinner, ice cream, & watch the Season Premier of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  I love that show.  The only part I don’t like about it is that it is only a half an hour long.  I want more curb!  But it was good and I’m excited for the rest of the episodes.

This morning I woke up and came back to Philly.  On the way back, I stopped for a smoothie.  I ordered my favorite one, The Chilly Palmer.


I have also been snacking on loads of grapes that I picked up this morning at the farmer’s market & some cereal.

I also am officially finished editing my paper.  I just need to print out the final copy.  I think that it’s pretty decent, so let’s hope!

Today I went to Bikram Yoga. I haven’t been in about a week so it was fantastic.  I love yoga, but do you ever find that some people who practice yoga are a bit odd?  Today there was a women next to me with dark, hairy legs and arm pits.  I bet you can picture exactly what this lady looks like too.  So I was pretty grossed out by that. haha.

Tonight I had class and it went great.  I really enjoyed this class because we did a lot of small group discussions and it was sort of interesting.  I also handed in my first paper tonight, so I hope I do well on it.

I came home from class and decided to use some leftovers from the other night.  When we went out to eat, we ordered about 3-4 appetizers of the Caprese Salad.  I guess there was a lack of communication, but anyway I got to take home the leftovers.  Tonight I made Chicken topped with Tomato, Mozzarella, & Basil over Sauteed Spinach and Garlic.


As I was eating it I thought that it was really similar to a Chicken Florentine type of dish.  It was really good.  I used almost a whole bag of spinach for this too.

Half way through eating I remembered that I had a frozen Raisin & Walnut roll from DiBruno Bros. So I pulled that out and enjoyed that as well…


It was so good!  The raisins were HUGE !

I also want to share with everyone that I made a video of my apartment so you guys can see where I live!  I will include it on one of my upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Oh yea, today I received my Kashi sample in the mail!  Thanks, AGAIN, for the picture Tina…you are saving me a lot of time here! hahaha…


Have a good night!!!

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Okay, well I am going to quickly recap yesterday, because today has been much more exciting!  Yesterday I did a ton of reading & I still have a ton more to do.  However, I did take a nice break to cook up some yummy meals for those nights where there is just no time to cook and I am starving!  So I made a delicious batch of Split Pea Soup, Vegetarian Black Bean Chili with bulgur, & Black Bean Burgers.  It took quite a while, but the ingredients are pretty similar.  So if I’m chopping one onion why not chop 3?  So I am pretty satisfied because now my freezer is stocked with awesome eats!!!  woopee!  haha.  My mom stopped over and she actually ate dinner with me.  I decided to have a bowl of Veggie Black bean Chili because it looked so darn good.


I topped it with Guacamole.  I had about 10x the amount of Guac shown in the picture.  I made a batch using 2 Avocados and my mom and I licked the bowl clean.


So good!!! I love Guacamole.  Later we actually met up with my Dad and sister and they had not eaten yet.  So we went to dinner with them even though we had already eaten.  So I just had bread, french fries, some glazed carrots, and some other things.  I also had dessert!  Yummm.  I ordered Toasted Peanut Butter S’mores, soft graham crackers, peanut butter ice cream, flourless chocolate torte, homemade marshmallows. This was really good & the presentation was even cooler.  The marshmallows looked like mushrooms.  haha.

Well, on to today!  This morning I woke up and went on an awesome 15 mile run.  My sister, Danielle, joined me for the first 3 miles and then she turned around because she was doing 6 miles.  The run was awesome and the weather wasn’t bad either.  In the beginning of the run, it was very lightly misting so it was nice.  I ran part of the Philly Marathon course during my run.  I felt great the entire time.  This was my first long run this year that I used some kind of fuel.  I used the Luna Moons.  I think that this really helped me during the run!  I am not positive on my exact splits right now but it was definitely between 7:55/mile- 8:00/mile.  My last mile I finished in at a strong 7:40/mile pace.  I felt awesome.  hahahaha.  After my run, I got in a nice walk to stretch out my legs a bit.  I then showered and met Todd for brunch at Farmacia.  I have been wanting to try this place out but have just never got there!  I still want to try it out for dinner/lunch.

I ordered an Egg White Omelette with Spinach & Mushrooms, Multi-Grain Toast, and Roasted Potatoes.


This was a very tasty omelette & I enjoyed it very much!  I also ordered the Fruit Salad with Lancaster County Vanilla Yogurt.  The waiter said that it was kind of big…


hahaha I guess he did not know who he was talking to.  This was tiny but delicious!!!  The yogurt had such a great taste to it.  I loved it.

Brunch was very fun and I am glad that I met Todd there!  We had a fun time.  It’s already almost 3:00!  Where has the day gone?  I am probably going to be doing a lot of reading for the rest of the day.

Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂

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Saturday was such a beautiful day.  I had so much fun & to top it off the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

I started off my day with my 14 mile run.  It went GREAT.  I had a cool run over the Ocean City bridge and through Ocean City on the boardwalk.  I had such a great time & I love running by the ocean.  Perfect run.  I came home and chugged some lemon-lime Gatorade.  I love gatorade after long runs.  I feel like it does a better job of refueling me in comparison to water. Of course I still drink water as well!

Yesterday I spent the entire day on the beach with my older sister, Danielle.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  I could have sat down there forever.

Last night, my family went to Cape May for dinner.  We went to the Mad Batter.  This is such a cute restaurant.  I really love it for breakfast but their dinner does not fall far behind!  We were seated outside on this picture perfect night.  They had some delicious warm rolls to munch on as we were waiting for our meals.

With my meal, I enjoyed a couple of glasses of red wine.  To start off, I shared the Roasted Pear Salad with my sister.

romaine and radicchio with roasted pears, candied walnuts, gorgonzola, and cranberry vinaigrette.

romaine and radicchio with roasted pears, candied walnuts, gorgonzola, and cranberry vinaigrette.

YUM.  I absolutely LOVE salads like this.  The perfect salad for me always has some kind of nut, fruit, and cheese.

For my entree, I ordered the Roasted Chicken with garlic, lemon and thyme, natural jus, served with sweet potato wedges and haricots verts and carrots.


My favorite part of this entree was definitely the Sweet Potato Wedges.

My Dad ordered one of the specials that they had…

Soy Glazed Sesame encrusted Tuna over Soba Noodles.

Soy Glazed Sesame encrusted Tuna over Soba Noodles.

This was a huge piece of tuna & he loved it!  I tasted it and it was very fresh & tasty.

My Mom ordered what I was going to order.  I couldn’t decide between this and the chicken…

Shrimp & Jumbo Lump Crab over Linguine in a garlic butter sauce with Artichokes, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, & Spinach.

Shrimp & Jumbo Lump Crab over Linguine in a garlic butter sauce with Artichokes, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, & Spinach.

This was absolutely delicious.  It was very garlicy.  I’m glad that my mom ordered this, because please believe I assisted her by eating 1/4 of this!  So good!!!

On to dessert!  We all ordered hot tea along with 2 orders of this amazing WARM Apple Cake with caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream.  My mom and I shared an order and my Dad and sister shared an order.

This baby was SO moist and PACKED with Apples.

This baby was SO moist and PACKED with Apples.

Perfect way to end a perfect day!

Unfortunately, there was a downer during the night.  Sometime around 2:00 in the morning or so, my mom brought my dog up to my room.  I was kind of confused and asked why she was awake.  She then told me that my Grandmom had just been readmitted into the hospital from the rehab center.  I believe that her heart rate was up and her blood pressure was down.  I asked if she wanted me to come with her, but she told me not to.  Her and my Dad then drove an hour to the hospital.  Apparently the infection is not completely gone because the infection is in her kidney.  It’s actually pretty complicated and I’m not really in the mood to describe everything right now.  I just hope that my grandmom feels better.

Last night I hardy slept at all.  I was up thinking about my grandmom, my stomach hurt, and then my dog kept bugging to go outside at about 6:00 in the morning when I finally felt like I was about to fall asleep.

When I finally got up, I made breakfast and then I went to Bikram Yoga with Danielle.  It was her first time doing it & I think that she really liked it!  It was great but I was kind of disappointed because they turned off the heaters half way through the class!  It was still hot but just not as hot as it is supposed to be.  Oh well!

Today unfortunately is not a very nice day at all.  So since it is not a beach day, I decided to head home a little bit earlier.

I just picked up a bunch of fruit from the farmer’s market.  I bought  a Jersey Watermelon.


I have never had a Jersey Watermelon, but it was/is very delicious and sweet!  I also bought SO MANY grapes, it’s actually ridiculous.  I plan to bring them to philly with me tomorrow.  How could I live without grapes?  I also was lucky enough to find some very cheap ripe bananas!


Score!  I will also be bringing these along with me to Philly so I can freeze them for Banana Whip & Smoothies!

Tonight I am meeting my best friend since 2nd grade, Jill, for dinner at Season’s 52.  I have not seen her in a couple of years, so I am very excited for our get together!  We are also going to one of my new favorite restaurants!  Fun, fun!

Hope that everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend!!

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